17 Seat Non D1 Minibus

Seventeen Seat Minibus NON D1 Versions

For those schools who want to operate minibuses but have a high number of young drivers with no D1, we can supply vehicles that qualify under the government guidelines for driving a minibus on a Category B licence.

We supply Peugeot Minibus Lite by GM Coachworks and Citroen Flexilite models by Allied Vehicles. Both offer fully compliant vehicles which meet European requirements for design, construction and safety.  Both utilise cleverly designed folding ramps which comply with requirements for width and angle of entry.

In addition, Bridle Minibus support our schools with driver training, risk management packages and compliance advice to ensure that they are operating within the law.

Things to consider

  • A popular and flexible choice for all school types.
  • Most versions are sub 4.25 tonne GVW and fitted with wheelchair access so NO D1 needed.
  • Fully approved and compliant vehicle design and manufactured from UKs leading vehicle builders.
  • Four removable seats give extra storage space for luggage if you do not have a full complement of passengers.


Peugeot Boxer L4 H2 17 seater with wheelchair access ramp – 4.25 tonne GVW – NON D1