9 Seat Minibus

Nine Seat Vehicles

The last few years has seen incredible growth in the uptake of nine seat vehicles by schools. Many boarding schools have taken advantage of a smaller, more flexible vehicle when just taking a handful of boarders out for an evening trip or an outdoor adventure.  The luggage carrying capacity, especially on the longer wheelbase version is very impressive.

Some of our independent school users have used nine seaters on some of their home to school routes where larger minibuses would not be appropriate.

A major advantage is that these can be driven on a car licence with no grey area to worry about.

Things to consider

  • An increasingly popular choice for all school types.
  • Ideal for small groups where a large minibus isn't appropriate.
  • Long wheelbase versions offer large luggage holding capacity.
  • No D1 licence needed.


Ford Custom Tourneo 9 Seat

Mercedes Vito Tourer 9 Seat

Vauxhall Vivaro 9 Seat

Renault Trafic 9 Seat

Peugeot Expert Combi 9 Seat

Volkswagen Transporter 9 Seat