Ancillary Products


  • Booster Seats – Whilst not legally required in minibuses, the booster seat will aid passenger comfort and improve visibility for the smallest passenger. Can be supplied with the minibus or as an additional item at any time


  • Seat Belt Adjusters – Where not supplied as part of the standard specification of the minibus, we can supply a robust aftermarket set of adjusters that allow the seatbelt to fit across the young passenger’s body in the correct way. This means the seatbelt would work efficiently in the event of an emergency stop.


  • Trailers – Many Schools and Colleges are using trailers to avoid overloading minibuses. We can supply trailers on an outright purchase basis, provide on a funding agreement or include as part of a leasing package. Whether you need a simple box trailer for luggage, a flat bed trailer for moving grounds vehicles or a specialist boat cage trailer. We can supply anything. They can be supplied in any colour along with your school or college logo.


  • Tow Bars – A full range of fixed or removable tow bars with a complete choice of electrical wiring configurations and spare number plates are available.


  • Vehicle Tracking and Telematics solutions – We have a full solution whether you need to manage school bus routes and pupil movements, establish patterns in driver behaviour, reduce fuel or simply put in place another level of vehicle security.