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COVID-19 lockdowns have contributed to a 10% drop in UK carbon emissions

New research has shown that last year emissions dropped by 10 percent due to nationwide lockdowns.


However, this news does come with a catch. As restrictions eased the data has shown that emissions began to increase back towards normal levels.


As a result of the first lockdown that occurred during March last year, emissions were down by 29 percent across all parts of the economy with transport and airlines being the greatest contributors. Household emissions were up though due to the volume of people staying at home.


Once the economy had reopened in the summer, levels went back to normal.


Throughout the whole of 2020 it is estimated that the UK pumped 330 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is an improvement on the 365 million tonnes that polluted the atmosphere in 2019.


Even though the evidence shows that once restrictions are lifted all sectors of the economy will go back to emitting the same levels of C02, it does highlight the ability of the nation to cut down on its overall output.


It could encourage governments to make more ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions in the future.

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