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Schools begin using Minecraft to inspire next generation of highway engineers

Highways England are using the popular video game Minecraft as a way to engage school children in new road engineering projects.


Children will be able to explore and interact with the new plans for the A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet in Minecraft during lessons at school.


Over 2 million blocks were used to recreate highway projects. In reality, the new A428 will be replacing a congestion hotspot between Milton Keynes and Cambridge.


The A428 programme’s project lead, Lee Galloway, said: “This is the first time a major road improvement scheme has been created using blocks in Minecraft. By using Minecraft in this public consultation, we hope to engage a new younger audience to see the roads that will shape their region for years to come, and hopefully inspire the next generation of engineers to build them.”


The game will run alongside lesson plans that teachers will use for students aged 7-11 and 11-14. The activities will cover biodiversity and natural habitats as well as digging and road signs. The aim is to get children thinking about the pros and cons of new builds.


Talent Delivery Lead at National Highways, Natalie Jones, said: “We want to inspire the next generation of talented engineers and scientists, on whom the country’s infrastructure and national economy will one day depend.


“Our ambition is to seek out the next James Dyson or Dame Sarah Gilbert and help put them on the path to a fascinating life and career.


“With the help of Minecraft and the in-game activities, students will get first-hand experience of what would go into building a huge bridge or digging a giant tunnel. In real life these are multi-million-pound structures that are carefully designed and then built by experts.


“These skills and expertise help to create the motorways and main roads that keep us all moving, whether going to work, delivering goods or keeping families and friends connected.”

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