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New Highway Code revisions will strengthen priority for cyclists and pedestrians

New changes to the Highway Code looks set to give cyclists and pedestrians priority in more situations, to encourage walking and cycling.


At the moment, pedestrians have priority over oncoming vehicles when they are already crossing a road in which a car is turning. In the updated code, priority would be extended to pedestrians who are waiting to cross.


The Department for Transport is also considering a “hierarchy of road users” which will aim to “​​ensure those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others.”



Cyclists will also be given more rights on the road too. They will have the right of way to undertake cars who are waiting to turn left into a side road, and will also be able to overtake cars waiting on a main road to turn right.


The ultimate goal of the proposed changes is to encourage healthier lifestyles by making the Highway Code safer for people who wish to walk or cycle.


However, there have been some concerns on whether the rule changes will actually make people safer. It could be argued that cyclists would be taking risks when undertaking cars or when pedestrians are crossing the road.


The Department for Transport has said that it will now: “look at all the proposed changes afresh to consider what amendments are needed to the proposed wording to take account of the valid comments received”, which will see an updated Highway Code published.

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