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New research reveals 4 million people in the UK have fallen asleep whilst driving

A survey commissioned by IAM Roadsmart saw that 1-in-10 respondents admitted to having been so tired that they had shut their eyes temporarily whilst driving.


The majority surveyed said that they were concerned about fatigue when driving on long journeys. 1-in-10 said that that they had hit the rumble strip due to their tiredness and 4-in-10 had to wake themselves up by opening windows and turning on the car heating.


The survey did produce some positive results though, as a quarter of respondents had at some point pulled over for a rest at a service station when feeling drowsy.


IAM Roadsmart are an organisation which administers advanced driving tests. Following the results they have continued to warn of the devastating consequences that can result from drowsy driving and that a car travelling 70mph will cover 100 feet every second.


Their advice is that motorists who are taking extended journeys should plan ahead to ensure they can fit in rest breaks and account for potential delays.


With facilities closed because of the pandemic drivers should take extra care. IAM Roadsmart’s key bit of advice is that you should not drive for more than 2 hours without a break.

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