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New survey indicates that UK lockdowns have contributed to a rise in bad driving habits

Dash-cam manufacturer Nextbase, in partnership with charity IAM RoadSmart, conducted a survey which revealed the negative impact that UK lockdowns have had on the population’s driving skills.


With car accidents increasing by 22% over the late May Bank Holiday, the results of the survey indicate that a lack of driving might be the reason for the rise in dangerous driving.


44% of drivers said that they felt nervous about driving long distances after lockdown, 38% said that they expect to see an increase in road rage and 42% admitted that their driving skills were rusty due to spending less time on the road.


More worryingly, 14% said that they had ‘completely forgotten how to drive their car’.


Tony Greenidge, the CEO of IAM RoadSmart, said “It was inevitable that lockdown would leave many drivers and riders with confidence issues, stress and rusty skills due to their enforced break from the roads. With any skill you learn, you need to improve and refresh it to remain top of your game. Driving and riding [a motorcycle] is no different.”


Government statistics, published in November 2020, shows that during the first lockdown speeding offences increased by 7% and in London speeding increased by 142%.


In the wake of these statistics, IAM RoadSmart have published an article with tips on how to improve your driving habits post lockdowns, which you can read here.

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