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Try before you buy with Bridle Minibus!

One day soon we will be able to get out and about freely again, doubtless respecting the use of masks where needed and a degree of respect for personal space, but it will feel great to be out and heading towards pre COVID-19 activity levels.


This will be the same in schools and colleges across the land where the first tentative inter school sports fixtures will be arranged, the first living museum or open farm visits will be booked, and the smell of chlorine will be beckoning as school swimming lessons start up again. I think in fact there will be a wholesale grabbing of opportunity to get kids out and about in the fresh air and supporting our outdoor learning venues.


This I am sure will raise the question in schools about the most cost effective and safest way of taking a class group out and about.


Minibuses have continued to grow in popularity, as it gives a school and college access to manage their own destiny. No more booking expensive external coach companies, and no more passing over opportunities to take a handful of children to a special event because it was not cost effective to hire a large coach.


A 17-seat minibus will accommodate half a primary school class group. There are minibuses available that young teachers can drive without a D1 licence.


For schools not wanting to sign up for a five-year lease or find £30,000 plus to buy a brand-new bus, we have the answer:  Bridle Minibus – try before you buy.


We have stock of well-maintained preloved minibuses (some with wheelchair access) to put into your school for a 12-month trial lease basis. The minibus will come with a full maintenance package with the ability to add a safety inspection package, and we can also put your school logo on to ensure it looks and feels like your minibus.


We can even arrange MIDAS and minibus assessment days and insurance too!


At the end of the 12-month period you can hand the vehicle back, extend it for another 12 months or decide to take a brand-new vehicle over a longer lease period.

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