College & University Minibus


Colleges and universities are using minibuses for an increasing number of reasons. Colleges are using minibuses for taking apprentices and vocational students to potential employers and industry to create links and deliver meaningful enhanced learning.  Universities are often using minibuses to undertake inter campus travel or support external learning or field trips.

Student Union use is also increasing, and Bridle Minibus will support this use with driver training and familiarisation courses for the proposed drivers.

Bridle Minibus also helps colleges and universities with a wide range of other vehicles from electric vans to pick ups and 22-seater coaches.

Things to consider

  • Minibuses for vocational training visits.
  • Minibuses for inter college sporting events.
  • Student union flexible transport and compliance.
  • Minibuses creating vital links with local schools and local business.
  • Full range of other vehicles.