Electric Vehicle


With the growing number of zero emission vehicles on our roads, now might be the time that you want to make the switch to electric.

Leasing an EV with Bridle Minibus could be the perfect fit for you, especially with the range of benefits that comes with going green.



  • Less expensive to maintain
  • No exhaust emissions
  • Tax incentives for EV owners
  • Quieter than petrol or diesel cars
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • No petrol/diesel costs
  • Many supermarkets, service stations and retail parks offer free parking for EVs

Things to consider

  • Enabling curriculum supporting field visits.
  • Enhancing and supporting the curriculum with outdoor learning.
  • A brand-new minibus to raise your image locally.
  • Special Bridle Minibus Support for first time minibus users.
  • Bridle Minibus Flexi lease - Try a minibus for twelve months.