Minibus Rental


There are many occasions where your school or college may need an extra vehicle at short notice. It may be a minibus to support an extra trip you have planned to support the curriculum. One of your older minibuses may be off the road for repairs and a short-term replacement enables you to carry on as normal.

With access to a full range of cars and vans, using a hire car for staff to travel to external meetings is often, safer and more cost effective than allowing them to use their own car.

Bridle Rental – Our flexible short-term hire service, is easy use, cost effective and delivers flexibility.

Short term hire can also be used to evaluate how a new minibus would benefit the school or college before committing to a long-term vehicle

If we can help with any temporary vehicle needs please get in touch

Things to consider

  • Available across the UK.
  • Responsive service levels.
  • Competitive rental terms
  • Cars, vans, minibuses and specialist vehicles
  • Term time flexi-option