Primary School Minibus


In recent years primary schools have seen the benefits of having their own minibus. Many of those schools have chosen to lease their school minibus.

Using their own school minibus has meant they have also been able reduce the costs incurred in using taxis or large coach companies.

The feedback we have from Primary schools using minibuses for the first time is nothing short of inspiring. Inner city children seeing farm animals for the first time, amazing new sporting achievements, helping children and parents who are new to the UK get oriented and integrated by showing them important local facilities and services.

Please don’t be put off by thinking you are too small for a minibus of your own. A lot of our Primary schools are in cluster groups and share the cost between two or three schools.

Things to consider

  • Giving primary school children access to more sports.
  • Enhancing and supporting the curriculum with outdoor learning.
  • Smaller primary schools can share with other schools.
  • Special Bridle Minibus Support for first time minibus users.
  • Bridle Minibus Flexi lease - Try a minibus for twelve months.