Secondary School Minibus


Our experience has shown us that secondary schools are competing with a growing number of new academies for pupil numbers within their local areas. Some of our secondary schools have found that even with the smallest of investments in a brand new minibus can give the image of the school a huge boost locally, helping you attract and retain pupils.

Depending on the county you operate in. Local authority rules about maintaining buses can vary significantly. Taking a fully maintained lease from Bridle Minibus for your new vehicle is a cost-effective way of complying with the requirements for keeping your minibus safe, legal and complaint.

Things to consider

  • A brand-new minibus to raise your image locally.
  • Minibuses to travel to sporting fixtures.
  • Supporting outdoor learning and field trips for academic achievement.
  • Helping to increase and maintain school attendance.
  • Bridle Minibus lease to help you comply with local authority regulations.